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Fitness training can be tough, but it should also be fun and rewarding. Get prepared to train and look like a warrior with some style. We have a growing selection of fitness clothing, accessories, and equipment for the” Modern Day Fitness Warrior”!

At Code Red Fitness we believe that FIT LIVES PERFORM BETTER!!!

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Learn About the HELO LX

HELO LX is a new dimension in mobile health using the cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, high-performance nano chip technology of Toshiba, the world leader in electronics technology.

The latest innovation in the health monitoring gadget from the designer of iPhone, HELO LX is a smart wristband that you can wear 24/7 to monitor your vital signs real-time, providing continuous data year-in, year-out that can be used to improve your daily lifestyle choices leading to a healthier well-being and physical condition, and better life.  

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THEBODYRECIPE™ Lifestyle Fitness System

TheBodyRecipe™ was developed by M.W. Wells as a system for optimal living. Its purpose is to create a fully integrated health & fitness lifestyle that’s automatic, simple to implement, and sustainable. The system’s focus is on the development of new lifestyle habits and then building on those habits.

We don’t believe in being exclusively dependent on any particular solution. Quick fix solutions often lead to repeated disappointment. TheBodyRecipe™ addresses issues beyond just diet and exercise; we look at your entire lifestyle picture.

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